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Dog Training for
New & Expectant Parents
Having a human child is one of the most important experiences in life.
Let us help you create a peaceable kingdom in your home!

What services does Complete Canine Training offer?
We start with Expectant Parent Dog Training. This is a Private Training Course held in your home, with your dog(s). During the sessions some of the topics we will cover are:

This normally takes three Private Training Sessions, however, this program can be modified to fit the needs and experiences of the dog and household. Sessions can be modified to teach you any skill you think your dog needs to know. We usually recommend starting the program around the second trimester, but it can begin earlier or later.

We're adopting a baby. Can your trainers help?
YES! We have experience in training dogs to accept newly adopted infants and toddlers. Training can be the same as above. However, there are some differences depending on the age of the adopted child. For example, in the cases of adopted toddlers and children we will teach the dog to respond to hand signals so the child quickly and easily can use natural body language to get the dog to respond. This can remove stress for Mom, Dad, child and dog!

How is New Parent Dog Training different from Expectant Parent Dog Training?
New Parent Dog Training is for those who find us after the baby is already home. Perhaps problems are beginning to occur as the baby develops. For example, the dog was fine until the infant was placed on the floor for belly time, but now, the dog seems worried, or too excited to control. In this type case, we can come in and show owners how to modify behavior to achieve desired results.

What if my dog can't be trained?
Most dogs can change their behavior quickly and easily once a training program begins. Once the owners change, the dog will change too!

In some cases however, like dogs with pre-existing aggressive dog behavior, the owner may be considering re-home the dog. If you are concerned your dog may be a potential hazard to your child, we do offer consultations to evaluate your dog. During the consultation we can discuss realistic training options.

I have a couple of dogs. Can you train them both?
YES! And better yet, we can teach you to train them too! Remember, the professional trainer leaves at the end of the session. Our job is to train everyone in your household - humans and dogs!

My dog IS the baby. Can she be taught to accept my infant?
Dogs are pack animals. They are designed to accept new members without much fuss. However, like all animals, they deserve instruction on just how to do that. Giving your dog training is a gift you give to help him/her be a successful pack member!

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