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by Tracy Atkins
Complete Canine Training, LLC
P.O. Box 131652
The Woodlands, TX 77393
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Teaching your dog to respond to commands can create a calmer, confident, well mannered, family member. Therefore, it's a sign of respect, and adoration to teach your dog. Training creates a way for him to communicate with you and others! We believe the basic skills all dogs should know are: sit, down, stay, come, back, leave it, place, and walking manageably on a leash.

These eight skills allow owners to direct their dog during times of stress to create comfort. Applying these skills can teach the dog to develop automatic behavior on his own. For example, you might teach your dog to lay in the living room while the family eats dinner in the dining room. Your dog will develop laying in the living room as an automatic behavior every time the family sits at the dining room table. Doing so prevents the dog from begging, stealing, eyeing the food, and just being in the way. It's certainly safety prevention if a glass breaks, or a knife falls, or a baby's high chair becomes jostled.

Dogs that have been trained to behave during mealtimes, around doorways, and with guests, are socially acceptable. This makes the experience of sharing the wonderfulness about your dog with others possible! One of the most fun benefits of having a dog is showing everyone how wonderful s/he is!

Before you throw your dog into a circumstance he's unfamiliar with, wouldn't it be a kindness to give him some skills? Dogs require owners teach them skills before they should be expected to behave, particularly during times of excitement. Of course there is always one dog who has no training and is beyond wonderfully mannered, but those dogs are rare.

Appropriate training actually requires less time and effort than you might think. A good trainer is a teacher who can not only train your dog, but train you as well. Preferably, a trainer will teach you to train your dog(s). This is important; as it can strengthen the bonding you have with your dog, and give you skills to train other dogs, or even future dogs, as well.

Happy Training!

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