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Phone & Online Consultations
for dog behavior and training

What are the benefits of phone and online consultations?
Phone and online consultations (through Skype and Facetime) are basically private training from a distance. During the phone and/or online consultations, a professional dog trainer works with you to help you understand and train your dog to learn manners as well as solve behavior problems.

What kind of problems can you help me deal with if you're on the phone?
That is variable. It depends on what the problem is, how long and why it is happening as well as what you are willing and able to do to resolve it. In many cases common dog behavior problems like house training (house soiling), stealing, jumping up, destructive chewing, digging, running away, escaping doorways, fear/shyness and separation anxiety are just some of the problems we can address.

How long does it take?
That depends greatly on your willingness and ability to do the instructed training. In most cases, when you change, so will your dog! Much like learning to prepare a meal, learn to type or any other skill, dog training is basically completing a series of steps. Once the dog trainer has evalated your case, she will create a step by step process to help you resolving the problem.

In some cases, however, the dog or envirnoment are not compatable. Sometimes through the use of real-time visual evalation (Skype or Facetime) more serious issues may be identified. In this case, the session is limited to a consultation.

Do I have to fill something out?
Yes. You must complete our Application For Training. In some cases, we may also require a complete physical exam by your veterinarian. This will be disucussed when we set your appointment day and time.

In all cases, we do require the following information:
Last date of vaccinations or titers/ veterinary visits
What was administered on those visits
Please prepare a list of: INCLUDE BRAND AND AMOUNT GIVEN

You work with my veterinarian?
In some cases, we do work with your veterinarian to give information so he/she can make an accurate diagnosis. Our trainers are NOT veterinarians. Diagnosis of any physical problem must be ma
de by your veterinarian.

Is your trainer a behaviorist?
NO. With decades of professional experience dog training, we solve dog behavior problems, but a behaviorist title requires a veterinary degree in animal behavior.

At Complete Canine Training, our head trainer, Tracy Atkins, Certified Dog Trainer has been working with dogs and people for twenty+ years. She has been resolving dog aggression since 1997. Check out her resume here (link).

Is it possible to search online for the solution to "my" dog?
Access to the volumes of information online is wonderful. However, disseminating what information is valuable (and in some cases harmful) for your dog is difficult without professional knowledge.

You'll find it very difficult to find a website that has definitive answer for what YOU should do with/for YOUR dog. This is because every dog, owner, environment and dog behavior problem is different! Usually, within twenty minutes from an online consultation we can easily decipher what the problem is at your home and suggest the best ways for YOU to fix it.

So what dog behavior problem can't you fix?
Almost all problems can be solved. In some cases, we may refer you to a trainer in your area, instead of phone or online consultations. This is because we feel your needs will be best suited by a trainer in your area. For example, some people have learning styles which are best addressed in person.

Additionally, while we will give an opinion on what to do with dog aggression, if you are not in The Woodlands, Spring or Dallas, TX areas, we are unable to follow your case close enough to adequately assist you. Because aggression is widely misunderstood and misinterpreted, we do offer to assist owners with evaluating their own dog's basic temperament, skills, genetic background and abilities. This may be done by phone or online services.

We are limited to assessment and consulting options for dealing with aggression. We are not able to assist in the training or management of aggressive dogs through on-line or phone services.

Cost Per Session:
$ 80 - Up to 40 Minute Online/Phone Session or email response of up to 500 words.

$195 - Up to Ninty Minute Online Session or e-mail response which may include CCT handouts, and personalized directions/instruction.

$50 - Per 30 minute session after the first ninty minute session or a second
e-mail response.

Answers will be facilitated by inclusion of application for training, medical background, purchase/ adoption information and background and details of the current problem.

Times By Appointment:
Weekdays, Evenings & Saturdays
You may contact our office to schedule an appointment by phone.
We can provide online visual instruction through Facetime and Skype.

Call today 281-825-6404 to set up your appointment!