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Professional Dog Organizations
dogpro.org - International Association of Canine Professionals
nadoi.org - National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

guidedogsoftexas.org - Guide Dogs of Texas
deafdogs.org - Deaf Dog Resources
blinddogs.com - Blind Dog Resources

usdaa.org - United States Agility Association
nadac.com - North American Dog Agility Council


Reputable Dog Breeders
We have listed two breeders we know personally. If you are a breeder and wish to have your site linked here, please e-mail us your application for ownership and/or sales contract. All sites will be considered, few will be accepted.
akc.org - American Kennel Club - breeder directory
petfinder.com - Nations largest resource for finding a new pet (shelter/rescue)

carouselmalinois.com - Reputable Breeder of Belgian Malinois
kalaharileos.com - Reputable Breeder of Leonbergers
cardiganharmony.com - Reputable Breeder of Cardigan Welsh Corgies


ReHoming Your Pet
chowwelfare.com - Chow Chow - Rehoming your dog Info.


Dog Health
shirleys-wellness-cafe.com - Outstanding resource for alternative healing
critterfixer.com - Vaccination Schedule & Current Vaccination Requirements
avca.com - Listing of American Veterinary Chiropractic Association DVM's
beaconforhealth.org - Why/How aggression is a symptom of thyroid disorder



Dog Breeding
- AKC Animal Health Foundation

vmdb.org - Canine Eye Registration Foundation
offa.org - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (health clearance evaluations)
arbl.cvmbs.colostate.edu - Info on animal overpopluation control

Interesting Dog Sites
dogbitelaw.com - Information on dog biting
petswelcome.com - Listing dog friendly hotels
petsitters.org - National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
http://exposeanimalrights.com/ - Exposing the animal rights movement


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