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Recommend Reading!
List of Complete Canine Training's recommended
dog training and behavior books.

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Training & Behavior
Outwitting Dogs by Terry Ryan 2004
Use your brain rather than brawn to motivate your dog's behavior with positive training techniques and solve behavior problems.

Fight! A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-Dog Aggression by Jean Donaldson 2004
A practical guide to the treatment of dog-dog aggression, this down-to-earth manual will teach you how to use behavior modification to retrain a dog that bullies other dogs, or becomes fearful when approached by other dogs.

On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas 1997
Practical understanding of the dog's body language, especially signals used to maintain the social hierarchy and to resolve conflict within the pack.

Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson 1996
Get rid of your dogs-are-like-humans thinking and learn to appreciate the TRUE strengths and abilities of your canine companions. Find out what really makes a dog tick, what motivates him and how to get the behavior you are looking for!

Evolutions of Canine Social Behavior, 2nd Edition by Roger Abrantes
New 2nd Edition is updated, revised, and expanded. Follow the step-by-step development and evolution of social behavior patterns. For all students of animal behavior.

Child Proofing Your Dog by Brian Kilcommons 1994
Teach your pet to accept predictable inter-actions before they happen and you can own a dog that is trustworthy and great with kids. Read this before the baby and/or the dog arrive!

Dog Training For Dummies by Jack & Wendy Volhard 2000
Begins with basics such as housetraining, simple commands, and crates, then guides the reader to more complex goals step by step.

New Skills For Blind Dogs - DVD by Caroline Levin
When the author assisted several owners with their training, the sessions were filmed. Discusses training theory, equipment, and working through stress.

Living With A Deaf Dog by Susan Cope-Becker 1997
Informative resource for owners, vets, breeders and trainers, based on firsthand experience!

Smoke Alarm Training For Your Dog by Anders Hallgren2002
Step-by-step program show how dog owners can have a smoke alarm trained dog in weeks.

Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion by Deborah Wood 2004
Contains all the information essential to the training success of both you and your little dog! Geared specifically toward small dogs 12" and under or 20 lbs. and under.

Health: Feeding, Breeding & Structure
K-9 Structure & Terminology by Edward Gilbert, Jr. &Thelma Brown

The Barf Diet by Ian Billinghurst

Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown

Successful Dog Breeding by Chris Walkowicz & Bonnie Wilcox

Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage & Enjoy A Multi Dog Household by Karen London & Patricia McConnell 2001

A Final Act of Caring by Mary & Herb Montgomery
The compassion that compels you to end the life of your friend is a final act of caring - a final act of love. This little book is designed to help and comfort you as you make this final decision.

Good-Bye My Friend, Grieving the Death of a Pet by Mary & Herb Montgomery
Like a comforting hug from someone who understands, Good-bye My Friend is a sympathetic explanation of grief and how to cope with the loss of a pet.

Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant (Children's Title)
In heaven, dogs run free in endless fields, nap on fluffy clouds, are given treats by passing angels. A gentle explanation of life after death sure to satisfy the child in each of us.